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In the footsteps of Albert Einstein

This is the Anhalter Bahnhof, once the most magnificent railway station in Berlin. It was built in 1880 and was the 2nd-largest station in Europe. Crowned heads arrived here, including Tsar Nicholas II of Russia who was greeted in person by Kaiser Wilhelm.

It was from this station that Bertolt Brecht and Albert Einstein left Berlin to escape the Nazis in 1933.

The station was bombed in 1943 and only part of the facade is left, frequented by pigeons, crows and occasional visitors like me. Where the tracks once led away – to freedom in Einstein’s case – there is now a sports ground and entertainment venue.

This station belongs to me and my friends, now!

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    • They don’t last long when somebody drops bombs on them!

      The building was originally designed to show the might of the German Empire, not long after it was unified under Bismarck. This just shows that national pride has its limits!

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