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How To Plan A Perfect Australian Trip

Travelling around the Land Down Under can be an exhilarating adventure allowing you to see all the highs ad lows of this lovely country. Getting to know the locals, living a true backpacker’s experience, and going off the beaten path will broaden your horizons and give you memories for a lifetime. However, that can only be possible if you plan the trip well and know where you’re going. Therefore, check out this handy little guide that will help you plan an unforgettable Australian trip.

Consider your budget

First and foremost, you should know how much money you have to spend on your voyage. You don’t want to be left in the middle of the country with a maxed-out credit card and no cash in your wallet. Therefore, you should know exactly how much money you have before you start putting more and more destinations on your to-visit list. Some of the expenses you should have in mind are a plane, bus, or train ticket fees, gas, food, accommodation, and tickets for various sights, museums, or galleries.

List all the destinations you want to visit

After you’ve calculated your budget, you should list the destinations you’d like to reach on your trip through Australia. We recommend you put Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne to the top of your list. Aside from these metropolises consider Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Cairns which is home to the Great Barrier Reef which is packed with fabulous outdoor activities. Once you’ve listed everything you wish to visit, check if it fits your budget and reduce the list or expand it according to the amount of money you have available for the trip.

Decide on the transportation

Travelling through Australia can be done via car, bus, train, or aeroplane. The type of transportation can depend either on your affinities or on your budget. If you decide to visit Brisbane, we suggest you look for a car hire from Brisbane airport to your accommodation just to be sure you have all the convenience instead of hassling around public transportation. Car hire will also allow you to go around the city and visit all the suburbs or close by towns whenever you want without having to rely on transportation schedule. Going from one city to another by car is also a good option because it’ll allow you to soak in all the lovely scenery and stop by gorgeous viewpoints or go off the beaten path and explore secluded parts of the country. If you choose air transportation, it will cost more but it will save lots of time.

Look for accommodation options

You should also know what type of accommodation you’d like to have on your trip through Australia. From hostels to CouchSurfing, camping, motels, and deluxe hotels there’s a plethora of options that will mostly depend on your budget but also your preferences. Hostels are perfect for people who don’t mind sharing a room and bathroom with multiple roommates in order to save up money. If you wish to meet friendly Aussie families, CouchSurfing can be a lovely option, allowing you to sleep n someone’s couch for free. If you’re a camping fan, make sure you look up all the campsites in Australia and the fees you’ll need to pay for staying.

Consider the best season for travelling around

Australia is perfect for travelling all year round, as long as you know to choose the right places in the right season. Sydney is great to visit at any time of the year but if you choose the holiday season make sure you book your flights, accommodation, and potential tickets early on to avoid high prices or to not run out of available tickets. For those of you wanting to visit Perth, we suggest you go in spring or autumn because summers tend to be hot and winters very wet. Melbourne area is great to visit in the warmer months.

Final thoughts

Australia has plenty to offer so if you want to see as much as possible be sure you plan your trip wisely. Check your budget and only plan around that, if you want to have a great worry-free trip. Check the seasons best for each destination and be sure you book everything in advance to ensure available accommodation.

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