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Glacier National Park, Montana, USA in 4K (Ultra HD)

If people want to know why they should visit Glacier National Park, here is an 11-minute video that gives some indications of some of the scenery the park has to offer. Naturally, this barely touches on the magnificent beauty of the park. Even an hour video wouldn’t be long enough to show everything there is to see, but then, if it did, it wouldn’t be worth seeing, would it?

Glacier National Park is located in the northwest part of Montana, right up to the Canadian border. The park actually continues on as Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.

“Small” is a word that simply doesn’t describe Glacier National Park. This park covers 1,583 square miles. That includes 762 lakes and 2,865 miles of streams. The park is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and is situated on the Continental Divide.

This is a land of nature. There are 71 species of mammals native to the park and 276 species of birds have been documented within the park boundary. If you love nature, this is a place to visit.

It is interesting, too, that some of the streams that begin in Glacier National Park end up feeding water to the Gulf of Mexico, while others eventually drain into the Hudson Bay.

For all the above reasons, this national park proudly proclaims itself to be the “Crown of the Continent“. If you haven’t visited, you should. If you have, it is time for a return trip. This is a national park that belongs on everyone’s bucket list!


Video: Milosh Kitchovitch, Amazing Places on Our Planet


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Written by Rex Trulove


    • Thousands of people visit yearly and I’m sure they agree with you. I live in a place that is unusual in that my home is situated where it would be about a two-hour drive to Glacier and also about a two-hour drive to Yellowstone. It is also less than an hour’s drive to the National Bison Range.