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Ghost Tours: Get Ready for Hair Raising Experiences!

Are you gearing up for a ghost walk or tour? Are you ready for the tour? There are certain steps that you need to take so that you are ready for the whole experience.

There are many tours in Adelaide, but have you tried the ghost tours? If you love to explore the unknown and want to go in for an adventure, then these tours offer you the perfect opportunity. These tours are filled with hair-raising experiences but do not worry it will result in fun time with friends and family (if you dare to).


As you head out on the tour, you will surely face some thrilling experiences that will last with you forever. The tour includes a guide, who will lead you to places that are known to be haunted and you might encounter ghostly characters from the past. On these tours, you are guaranteed to have numerous personal experiences like apparitions and voices or shadows that others might miss, but you might see or hear clearly.

So, how do you get ready to head out for these tours? Here are a few tips that might enhance your thrilling experiences:

   What to wear?

When you head for these ghost tours, you might need to spend time in basements or underground tunnels, so wear something that is made of cotton and comfortable to wear. The shoes that you choose to wear on these tours should be soft sole shoes. You might need to sit on the floor for some time because ghosts might keep you waiting before making their grand appearance, so a hard-sole shoe might be difficult to wear and sit cross-legged on the floor.

   What do you need to carry?

For ghost tours, it is all about personal experiences. You might feel, hear or see something that others fail to see and vice versa, so you need to be ready to capture all your experiences, as well as the experience of others. If you are looking to capture others experiences, then you will be able to capture the noises or sounds at the most. To capture sounds and voices, you need to have a voice recorder ready.

For sightings, keep your cameras ready. It is also known that certain things, which the naked eye cannot see, can be captured by a camera shot. If you want to capture both, then carry a camcorder for videos. For the feelings, there is no machine, but keep an open mind and sharp attention because it could pass you and you might miss the thrill.

   Go alone or in a group?

You could always gather a group of people for these tours so, that you can carry a camera, voice recorder, and camcorder. This will ensure that you do not miss out on any experiences.


Sometimes, the paranormal activity can manifest itself as an environmental change. While an EMF meter can also help detect a presence. The most common sensation is to feel a sudden drop in temperature. Other signs that you might feel include, an upset stomach, dizziness, shortness of breath or headaches. You could also feel a surge of emotions. Whatever the case, do not get tensed, just talk to the tour guide and they will help you.


1.  Follow the tour instructions and guidance that the tour guide had announced before the tour began.

2.  Stay with the group and do not wander off by yourself.

3.  Respect the spirits, so do not try any brash and cocky steps.

4.  Stay calm at all times and do not run.

5.  Listen to what the tour guide has to say.

Now that you are ready to head for your adventure, get ready with your gear to enjoy a thrilling tour of some of the most haunted places.


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Written by CaitlynBell


  1. I have a sixth sense as did all my family and feel comfortable with contact from the world beyond. Have not had a chance to go on a ghost tour but would like to.

  2. Ghosts stories have always fascinated me although I have never encountered one myself. Thank you for sharing this post and for introducing Virily to the concept of ghost tours which I never even knew existed.