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Evening at Mangere Bridge

I live in Onehunga Auckland and Mangere Bridge connects us to Mangere area by a motorway. However, much of this is the old Mangere Bridge. Auckland city, New Zealand.

It was sunset this day and quite a while. I took these photos from the old Mangere Bridge.

Evening Falls

There is a defined shape in the distance which marks Manukau Heads.

Looking out from a house in Mangere Bridge

Sunset comes. 

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Mangrove silhouettes in the Manukau

Mangroves are a magnificent eco system. They are very adaptable and give homes to fish and marine life. 

Concrete silos over in Onehunga

More lights and can you see the boat by the wharf?

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Sun Downer

Everywhere you look it looks different.

Tide is partly out.

Home to sea birds. 

Sun set in Mangere Bridge.

A lot has changed since I took these photos. Yet it has fishermen on old Mangere Bridge. Boats launch out into the Manukau from the old Mangere Bridge, going fishing . Not this evening.

From Old Mangere Bridge

You see the lights reflecting.

Mangere Bridge view of the concrete silos on Onehunga Wharf

My great grand father Tresidder, was an english immigrant and was a pioneer Doctor in Onehunga. Mum never met him and neither did I, he died at 52 years of age of dropsy, a heart condition.

Looking at Mangere Bridge Area

It goes a way around the edge of the water, there is a road around that leads to Ambury park.

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