Dodgy Fines Still Popping Up On The Road To Korat (Thailand)

A year ago a cop stopped my partner for speeding. She denied speeding but he told her the farang  (foreigner) would pay. Without further to-do I was asked for 200 baht. The incident amused me a bit. I coughed up, and over the evening meal in our village near Buriram we had a laugh – sort of.



Recently, I criticised Isaan and its folk. I got some stick for generalising about Isaan folks’ lives from other expats with happier Isaan families than mine (I’m presuming). When my partner told me she was returning to the Isaan again because a good friend was getting married in startling Surin, I decided to give startling Surin and inviting Isaan a miss. Logical, really.

This morning, my partner relates that on the same stretch that saw me paying 200, she was stopped for speeding – again. The cop told her the fine could be whatever she liked. He then saw her functional car-camera and went behind the car. From there he waved her on. On she went, speeding at 50 and 60 km per hour (if speeding is that). The cops operate fines for “speeding” on that hilly stretch with a lake and national park* thrown in where I’m sure there are hornbills though not one has ever flown into my sight.


Yes, despite many official efforts to pull cop-socks up, cops are still asking for money for “misdemeanors” and not giving receipts.

*Khao Yai National Park


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Written by Jonathan Finch

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