Coot Lake

Outside Boulder Colorado, June 1979

After arriving in Boulder our merry little band set out to look for jobs & an apartment, but also enjoyed some of the finer aspects of leisure in the area, including several visits to a swimming area called Coot Lake. At Coot Lake dogs were welcome & clothing was optional. Coming from Puritanical New England this was a new experience…

Up to this time my only experience with “skinny dipping” a quarry in Rockport with a small circle of friends. at Coot Lake hundreds enjoyed the mild waters sans swimsuits. At lunch time you could always see a gathering of Rockwell defense employees peering thru binoculars across the water but no one seemed to care. It was Colorado fun in the summertime…


What do you think?

Written by PaulPallazola


    • O always liked the saying “make love not war”, getting naked and enjoying Colorado nature was far superior to getting a paycheck for advancing the doomsday clock 🙂

      • You were rewarded for making the right choice with a better quality of life. The warmongers were punished by being forced to live vicariously through you and even then only with binoculars…