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Best Places to Visit in Morocco


One of the first wonders you will realize in Marrakech is the iconic & beautiful Koutoubia Mosque, with its 230-foot high tower, dating back to the 12th century. The ancient Djemaa el Fna, the dominant square, is best realized in the evening when it’s swarming with nourishment stalls, dancers, acrobats, opulence tellers, bands and henna artists.

The square is an unbelievable assault on the sanitize, with perfumed smells, strange and delightful sights and a discord of eccentric sound.×642/6664.jpg


Step back in the long interval of time with a visit to the Majestic City of Fes, the eldest and biggest medieval city in the world. The antique Medina is a hurried store of movement which remnants worlds apart from 21st-century life.

It’s very informal to get lost in the maze of twisting backstreets, distributed with beautiful mosques and towers, splendid synagogues, marketplace shops and powerful suspecting tanneries. To circumnavigate your technique through the Medina there are five dissimilar journeys you can follow, each with a dissimilar color, each with an altered theme, such as fortresses and parks, old-fashioned crafts etc.

The Western Sahara Desert

The Erg Chebbi sandbanks on the western edge of the massive Sahara Desert are outstanding. Wave upon upsurge of carrots color dunes, which spread up to 250m in stature, roll out into the aloofness generating boundless patterns of sunny and shade and the most remarkable panoramic panoramas.

The superlative method to experience the desert is to take an impressive camel trek crossways the progressing dunes and devote a night at an isolated Berber camp under the maximum farfetched blanket of stars. Of course, there are additional things to discover into the Sahara than just analyzing at the geography and the heavens.

During the day, tourists who mark it as far as the great Sahara will be provoked with an array of stimulating happenings, including skiing, sand boarding and exciting quad biking over the highest dunes. For those with tender muscles, you can relish a Sahara bath day, which means entombing yourself to the neckline in the red-hot hot sand.


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