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A Travel Article on My Native Place

I have been writing travel articles for well over a year. My travel articles cover the prominent tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu, my home state in South India. Many of my travel articles published in Wander Wisdom do well by getting a steady organic traffic.

During my last visit to native place, I thought of creating a travel article on my home town. Kovilpatti is a small town where I had spent the best part of my childhood and adolescence. It is a small and beautiful industrial town but not known as a tourist destination. I still decided to go ahead with my plan and published an article on Jan 2020.

Since this is not a regular tourist destination, I just shared this article with my school friends through a WhatsApp group. There are only 25 members in the group and many of them are not active. On the day I posted this message, I received more than 200 unique views. I understood that some of my school mates loved the post so much that they started sharing with their other groups. I guess this article managed to touch the emotions and pride of anyone who has been associated with Kovilpatti.

The post became so viral that my elder brother called me next day regarding this article. Though I have not shared this article with my brother, he has received the link from his friends.

It was then I realized the importance of creating unique content. When the whole world wants to know about Chennai, Ooty or Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, an article about a little known Kovilpatti could generate so much of traffic. In Feb 2020, the travel article on Kovilpatti has received the 3rd highest organic traffic among all my articles. I am pretty excited to share with you all a travel article on my home town.


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