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A Glacier Lake- an Ideal Refuge on a Hot Day

There are hot summer days in which I wish I could easily find a refuge against the scorching sun, go high up in the mountains and stay there until the heat wave passes and the air becomes more breathable. Once in a while, I am fortunate enough to go to such an ideal refuge for an almost unbearably hot summer month, so a cool July afternoon spent at an altitude of about 2,000 meters represents a memory I could live again and again if I could teleport myself there!

Unfortunately, until teleportation becomes real, the only thing I can do to get my mind  off today’s sweltering heat is to look at some pictures by means of which I can remind myself  of  that cool July day I experienced a few years ago,  when my journey across the stunning Transfăgărașan road took me to its highest point at 2,034 m where I could stand by the side of  a glacier lake called Bâlea Lake.

It was a refreshing perspective to see patches of snow in the middle of the summer by a glacier lake with crystal-clear water surrounded by an almost surreal mountainous landscape. At that time, the breathtaking beauty of the wild scenery, dominated by the cold glacier lake, made me want to stop the time from its continuous flow, or at least make it pass a little slower so I could enjoy more minutes admiring the lake.

 Unfortunately, when you are on an organized group trip and you depend on a schedule, you can’t take your time and stay as much as you wish in a place you enjoy, so I couldn’t dedicate more than half an hour to the contemplation of the Bâlea lake and the surrounding landscape, therefore I had to move on before I could fully absorb the wild, cold beauty of the glacier lake and the majestic views of the    Făgăraș Mountains, one of the natural treasures of Romania.

 Nevertheless, the memory of those truly magical sights has remained deeply embedded in my mind, and with the help of pictures, I can relive those unique moments which were so short, but so precious in the heart of the Carpathians!


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