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Writing Site Rip – 13

M.Q. had run a fine writing site for a time.  

Then, when he found he had to pay taxes, he decided to get artistic with the payments to his writers.

One of his first scams was to shut off the site counter which had allowed every writer to see how much they earned; claiming it was a glitch.  

Those who had their own hit counters and could tell him how many views they had and how much they were to earn were dropped to Member and their work confiscated.

This meant their work stayed earning on the site, but the coin went into his pocket and those of his Shills.

Then he decided to ‘rate’ items as ‘high value’ and ‘low value’ so as to enable him to pay most writers a fraction of what they had earned.

He and his Shills had ‘high value’ items.   Most others would be ‘low value’.

That every 6 hits was 1c regardless of his ‘assessment’ meant where a writer had 600 hits and should get $1.00 he would pay them 50c.


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Written by jaylar

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