World’s smallest ultrasound system – Price Just $100

Despite the rapid development of technology, ultra-sound machines are still expensive and out of approach to purchase, But now the University of Columbia has discovered the world’s smallest ultra-sound system. which price is $ 100 Only.

Experts of the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada have made simple and low cost of ultrasound through new techniques. It is made from polymer glutenous substance instead of  (piezoelectric) which produces transformation and works for transducers and it is named Poly CMUT transducers.

Usually, piezoelectric crystals are used in the ultrasound which change the appearance when receive current and produce vibrations. In the waves of these sounds, the evolution goes into the body and they get back from the organ base there and return like the waves of the radar.

Now the same piezoelectric crystals reverses these sound waves again and produce a picture after processing and expert on the basis of this picture produce result such as stone in stomach etc.

Usually, these transducers drums are made of hard silicon which is costly and not environment friendly, and that’s why it’s not a better component for ultrasound but now the Ph.D student of BUT has taken the work of polymeric to piezoelectric materials.Now there is no needs of many parts and for which it cost has been reduced as well.

The initial experiences showed that the same ultrasound give results the same result which are obtained from a large and expensive ultrasound. That’s the second good thing is that It requires 10 volts of electricity and can also run from smartphone and power bank. Such ultrasound can be wrapped in any flexible shape and can be wrapped on the body and the good thing is to do more research by observing veins from this system. Thus, this ultrasound will also be able to keep you aware of the permanent heart and other side effects.


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