Why metered Paywall is so useful to generate money with a website?

Most administrators know only two ways to generate income with their websites: advertising and affiliate marketing. In the first case, they do it by implementing the Google Ads service on their own websites. Every time a person watches an advertisement, fractions of a dollar are generated in their personal account. If you manage to get several million visits per month, you can make more money than you imagine.

The second best known option is affiliate marketing. Usually, many do it through Amazon. This method consists in generating sales for Amazon through your website. If you believe that a certain product will be sold as hot cakes, you should only write about it and increase the curiosity of your readers so that they finally click on the product link and buy it. Every time Amazon registers a referred sale from your website, part of the money goes to you.

However, there’s a third method with which you can generate even more money than with the first two. We’re talking about the sale of memberships. Many websites give a small test of their content to then move visitors to buy the rest. It’s like the free samples of delicious foods that you sometimes find in supermarkets. If you like the product and you’re hungry to eat more; you’ll surely end up buying it.

The same happens with web content. Many people in the world know things that others need to know. How to create a website? How to generate money through the Internet? How to use Photoshop? Millions of people write questions like that on Google every day and people who answer these questions are earning thousands of dollars each month. How? Implementing the paywall plugin on their websites.

Paywall plugin restricts access to certain content to encourage visitors to buy a membership. In that way, many news websites have managed to get ahead. Curiously, the printed version of many newspapers in the world generates much more money than its digital version. However, many of these newspapers have reduced the number of monthly impressions due to the increase in ink and paper costs.

For that reason, many had to find a way to recover lost income with their digital version. That’s what they achieved implemented the paywall plugin. All the websites that constantly publish information of high importance for users have managed to generate millions of dollars a year thanks to metered paywall.

The concept of metered paywall is quite simple. It consists of giving access to a certain amount of daily content and then, when the limit is exceeded, the visitor receives an offer to buy a membership. Surely you’ve seen this kind of ads on a lot of websites and you just can’t imagine how much money they generate doing this.

Maybe you say: I’ve never paid money to read or download something. However, when people really need some information, they’ll pay whatever is necessary to access it. If you think that someone else would pay to know what you know, now is the time to generate money with your knowledge starting your own website and implementing the paywall plugin.


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