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Understanding Shills – part 8

Those who are ‘always paid’  or  are easily fooled, will defend a site as if it is their child.

Honest  sites post  one’s earning on the front page, (take a glance at mylot for example).   They publish the earnings because they have nothing to hide.  The calculations are done by A.I.    There is no necessity for the site to shuffle,  to try to deceive.

Sites which don’t post the earnings on the front page are suspect.

A Shill, noting another user complaining about not being paid or having their earnings tampered with will immediately jump on the argument to shut up the user.

One understands why the Paid shill does this;  less users are less coin in  his/her pocket.   It is the Unpaid Shill who knows nothing about the site or the owners who is often the most vocal and rabid.

A user who doesn’t know the Owner, who may not even live in the same country,  who has not be hired by the Owner to tout the site, suddenly jumps in to ‘explain’ how the site calculates earnings.

Here is a volunteer Shill.   S/he  has no inkling of how the site calculates or rips off the users.  S/he takes it upon him/herself to explain how the Admin calculates payment.

It is  an open secret that many sites juggle the earnings of the users to fill their pockets.  This month a comment could be valued at 1c.  Next month a comment could be dropped to half a cent.  The users have to ‘take the word’ of the Admin  that this is all one earned.

As bad as this is, it is compounded by the  unpaid Shill who tries to ‘explain’ why you saw $6.21 and now you see $5.78.

The Admin must laugh themselves sick seeing a fool, an unpaid Shill, a person who they don’t know or care about ‘defending’ their dishonesty.

The reality is that today, very few sites pay Shills.  They don’t have to.  Most sites have a cadre of people who not only are used but assist Admin in using others.  And they don’t get 1c for it.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar