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The concept today in the Tech Wiz column is Change. But, I am also trying to post one of the longest titles per LaJenna's challenge. This one, is mostly a pointless title. It does however allow me to well continue to try to post the longest title. The

Empower and enable, that was the goal of technology. Well I shouldn’t say was, I should say is the goal of technology. If you got back 400 years technology was vastly different. Humans moved around the world on wooden boats and used sails to provide power. Tools are an extension of human ability, and technology is a tool. It is, however, a tool that has made some of the biggest changes in the past 20 years. Change in and of itself is neither good nor bad it is changing. Change is the adaptation of what is to something modified.

A few days ago I posted a list of 5 things I thought in the near term would change things a bit. The reality of change is that sometimes it runs and sometimes it crawls. Some of those innovations and cool new things take longer than expected. Never install a 1.0 product was something my very first IT boss told me, often. There were a couple of 1.0 products I wanted to install.  He made me a plan that installation very carefully.

But, change also means we say goodbye to technologies as well. There are some technologies that are fading. The stand along the camera market is declining. The technology isn’t “dead,” but it is not as strong as it was. Watches were declining, but smartwatches have revived the market a bit. Brick and mortar retail is struggling, declining and in some cases disappearing completely. Not because the stores don’t use technology, but because technology created a new path and they missed the path. Sometimes, despite what Robert Frost said “choosing the path less traveled” can get you in a lot of trouble if during your amble you miss a big change!


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  1. …”But, change also means we say goodbye to technologies as well. ”

    Change works the same in most life situations. We must say goodbye, whether it be routines, people, addictions, etc. Then we can move ahead. That is one thing I do know about.


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