Technological Advancements that are Changing Our Lives

How often do you look at your Smartphone and wonder that not too far back, this piece of technology was sci-fi? How often do you wonder the ease of doing things brought about by smartphones? The bills you pay online, the shows you watch, the tickets you book, the things you shop for without having to step a foot out. All these instances aptly denote the immense change brought on by smartphone in the way we live our lives.

We have to owe it to technology for the mere fact that you are able to read this exciting post without having to flip through the pages of a physical book. With this knowledge, you realize that everything around you does involve technology.

Getting through one day without it is now seemingly impossible. Well, truth be told, you can get along a day without technology just fine, but really not the same fulfilling and enriching experience that you feel.

How has technology managed to change our lives?

1. Convenient traveling

Traveling long distances was, once upon a time, the biggest hassle. Getting from point A to point B required a lot of efforts, which would lessen productivity. We definitely have come a long way though. From the first steamship, built in the 1770s, to superfast bullet and metro trains that take us from one place to another in a jiffy, transport keeps getting better. Be on the lookout for pod-based hyperloop travel in the near future.

2. Vaping

Over the years, smoking has evolved too. E-cigarettes and its underlying technology are making smoking look cool. Not very different than a cigarette, an electronic cigarette has a coil that vaporizes a flavored liquid. This gives you the same experience as that of smoking. This, however, involves far less inhalation of nicotine.

As a result, vaping is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking. It is no wonder that vaping and e-cigarette technology has boomed over the past few years with a variety of style, flavors, and intensity to suit your specific preference.

3. Education

The interrelation of technology and education has been direct. Better the education finer the technological advancement, and vice versa. Technology has made education far more interactive and less strenuous for students. Kids now enjoy studying.

Due to technology being so widely prevalent, education is no longer confined to the walls of a class. Students learn and share things at the touch of their fingertips. Knowing things just when curiosity strikes only makes kids ravenous to learn to more. Effective learning is no more a task to accomplish but more like a commonality these days.

4. Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, gone are the days when you had to wait for a week to catch up with your favorite show. Also no more hassle of storing CD and DVD collections. And who can forget the massive technological switch from CRT TVs to LCD screens that have only made TV viewing a far more pleasant experience?

Currently, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even HBO have revolutionized TV viewing to an unperceivable extent. Your favorite movies and TV shows are now just a finger’s touch away.

5. Better Healthcare

When you speak of technology and the world of good it has done to humanity, you just cannot skip healthcare from the discussion. Improved health care is a by-product of advancing technology.

Several hospitals now invest a major share of their money into better technology that can help them treat patients better. Apart from just the in-hospital treatment, maintenance of online medical records and online consultations are also possible now.

This has massively cut down on the time it would take for a person to travel all the way to the clinic for diagnosis, thereby treating conditions faster and effectively also.

6. Lifestyle

Lifestyle, on the whole, has changed. With refrigerators and other homely devices now going smart, they are all interconnected with your smartphone. You no longer have to be there to change the refrigeration temperature.

Not just that, but improved home security owing to advanced CCTV cameras and bio-access door locks have made homes safer.

7. Communication

The most important aspect of technology is communication. You would no longer have to wait weeks to hear from your loved ones. Getting your word across the globe now takes less than a second. It has definitely brought the world a whole lot closer.

This has single-handedly added phenomenal value to relationships and thus to overall human experience, as now you are never really away from the ones who matter. Thanks to video calling and instant messaging.

To wrap up

In conclusion, the impact technology has had on humanity is truly mind-boggling. Right from entertainment and vaping, to healthcare and lifestyle, it won’t be wrong to say that technology has managed to make our lives better.


What do you think?

Written by Peter Davidson