Tech Wiz, when you hand the camera to a little kid!

Thee why of a  digital camera that can be abused. By abuse, I mean one that can get wet, be dropped and so on. That way you can let kids take pictures. I first got the Tough series from Olympus when my kids were little. The utility of a camera that can be used underwater, with kids and one that takes good pictures (quality) makes it a must-have a camera around little kids. My little kids are all adults now, but back in the day, we needed a camera that could be dropped (ours was) and one that could go underwater (we have lots of underwater pictures). Waterproof cameras have to have gaskets and seals to protect the actual insides of the camera. They are normally rated to a specific depth.

It is 300 feet for the Olympus Stylus tough cameras. Not, mind you that I have ever used one that deep. I suspect the deepest ours has ever gone is about 8 feet in a pool. The fingers are from one of the young folk that joined us on the boat yesterday. They were hanging out down below with my daughter who had the camera. They asked to take pictures, and because the camera really can’t be hurt, she let them. Ergo the child view or child POV on many of the pictures. The initial pictures that I shared were of Lars. I took the Lars pictures and then that was that for me taking pictures. Of the 220 pictures taken yesterday, I think the boys and my daughter took roughly 200 of them.

You would never do that with your cellular phone. It would end up in the water or drop. With the Olympus Stylus Tough cameras, you can hand it to a child and no worry. It is like always having training wheels on the camera. Plus, most children are less than four feet tall so that maximum drop is 3 to 3.5 feet. The Stylus cameras are rated for 7-foot drops. We are well within the safety range with kids. Overall if you are around kids, this is the camera to have. They can take pictures (the kids), and you don’t have to worry about your cell phone dropping and ending up with a two week wait to get a new screen. Now if they would only find a way to do that for my actual cell phone. I’ve dropped mine three times in the past four years and had to use a cracked screen!

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