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How To Solve Google Play Store Errors On Android Phone?

Android phone is having Google play store for downloading apps, games, movies and more. They have really big collection to download. But sometimes users may get different errors which stop them from downloading all those. Let’s learn about those errors and learn how to solve them.

Few Errors Related With Google Play Store

Play store show no connection error: Well, this may happen because of more than one reason. When this message shows up, first, check out your internet connection. If your internet is not working then you may get this error. You may also see the same error if your phone date and time is not accurate. So check out date and time on your phone to solve the same.

Apps not getting download: If you can’t download any application from the play store then try this thing. Check my app page and see if any of your application is not in update process. If any of your application is in update process, then it is possible that you can’t download another app. So check it out first.

Play store doesn’t work: If above tricks don’t work and if you are still getting play store error. Then go to settings and open app section from setting. Then go to play store and clear cache and data from it. And then try to open the play store again. This might work for you.

So this is it. You may solve different error from above methods. If still nothing works for you then you better download another app file for play store and try it out. This might solve your problem. Hope it will be helpful to you.


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