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As you might notice on my last posts, I talked much about technology because I love it, technology is my passion. Today, I’ll be giving my first impression on a particular website which is a product of technology. Have you ever heard Snuckls? Snuckls is an online lottery website which you can earn tickets by watching their partner’s videos. So you get a free ticket by just watching videos and you can earn money for free as much as $2,500 and above but depends on that day’s prize pool. The starting amount is $2000 which will increment by a cent when a user watches a video.

If you are eager to earn more money now, you can join here.

Snuckls is INVITE ONLY so you really have to use my link even if you don’t want to, sorry about that. It’s Snuckls’ way of also repaying their users for inviting new potential customers. You can also invite others with your own referral link just post it on social medias or any website where you want to invite others.



Snuckls is pretty simple and straightforward. As you can see in the above photo you are shown to a videos to get a ticket on the top-left corner is your profile where you can access other information and pages and on the top-right corner is where you can manage your earnings, have you won or cash-out your earnings there.

On the above photo, you can see the current prize pool today which is $2,266.30 USD and an information of the available time left before the entering of tickets are close.

Snuckls’ user-interface is good and user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about anything plus they have more ways to earn money.


As you can see on the photo above, the following conditions must match on your ticket’s number to earn a share from the current prize pool. So if you matched it all then you’re the winner and you get 90% of the current’s prize pool. Example: if the current prize pool today is around $2,266 then you get around $2039 and in case of multiple winners then 90% amount will be split to all winners.


Do you want to earn more? You can invite friends like I do. You can even earn up to the 7th connection like multi-level marketing.


Yesterday’s SOMEWHAT my lucky day. I matched 4 out 5, alas! Here’s some screenshot below.

What are you still waiting for? JOIN NOW


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