My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of November 17, 2019

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This week’s focus is on tweets that have popular hashtags or words or Twitter handles that begin with the letter “Y”.

#1 ♦ Y is for Yard ~ Important Yard Care Tips

There are some people who can spend all day in their yard tending to it.  Pulling up weeds, mowing, etc.  I'm not one of those people.  I hate yard care.  But!  I do think it's a good idea to know about poisonous plants that might be growing in one's yard.

#2 ♦ Y is for Yoga ~ General Healthcare Tips

Yoga has its beginnings as part of a religious practice but many have incorporated the meditation and exercise into their holistic healthcare routines.  Furthermore, people like to combine it with aromatherapy.

#3 ♦ Y is for Yemen

The sad truth is that were it not for the mention of this country's name in the news, and the news is usually bad news, most ignorant Americans like me, would probably not know anything about this country.  The name sounds like a place in a fairy tale.  “Once upon a time, long ago and far far away in a kingdom called Yemen …”  That's where the fairy tale version ends.  It's spoiled by the real news that the land seems to have never known peace since almost the beginning of the 20th century. Yemen– Timeline.

#4 ♦ Y is for #Yixing … (Uh … Who?)

Almost 30 years ago, when I lived and worked in Miami, Florida, my co-worker and friend said that for her vacation she was going back home to visit her parents.  Where is home?  Home for her was China.  She asked if I wanted her to bring me back anything.  I said “Uuuh??? … Music!”  She brought me back 2 cassette tapes.  One was traditional Chinese music and the other, she said, was a popular singer in China, at that time.  His music was more modern, i.e. pop music.  We have relocated several times and those tapes got lost in all the moves.  Searching for tweets with the letter “Y” I found that this word “Yixing” had almost 200 tweets per hour.  Turns out this guy, Zhang Yixing, is a popular Chinese singer-songwriter, at this time.

#5 ♦ Y is for #YellowVests

I was out and about running an errand and a news report came on the car radio that started out with a statement to the effect “There is a lot of anger in the world these days!”  Then the reporter started talking about all these places where people were protesting.  Hong Kong.  Lebanon.  Chile.  Etc.  It seems there are angry people in Paris too!  Evidently, an increase in fuel prices fueled so much anger, people wearing yellow vests or yellow jackets marched in the streets demanding changes. The protest movement has already been going on for a year.


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