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My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of November 10, 2019

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My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of November 3, 2019

This week’s focus is tweets that have popular hashtags or words or Twitter handles that begin with the letter “X”. 

This letter was quite a challenge.

#1 ♦ Do you know the word “xeric”?

~ In ecology, xeric is an adjective, in describing an environment or habitat, it means containing little moisture; very dry.  Per the National Geographic Society Encyclopedia, xeriscaping involves designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation.

#2 ♦ Do you know the word “xenograft”?

~ The definition of xenograft is a tissue graft or organ transplant from a donor of a different species from the recipient.  This medical practice is becoming more and more common.

#3 ♦ Everybody Knows the Gen-X-ers

~ Gen X has 350 tweets per hour.  I searched for Gen Xers instead and found this amusing tweet.  If you look at the guidelines, they left the Gen X group out.  As the tweeter observed, it's like they don't exist.

#4 ♦ President Xi of China

~ Not really interested in this tweet. All the buzz about world politics is a tad bit overwhelming.  I just like the artwork.

#5 ♦ Xystos

~ This is an interesting word.  It's an architectural term.  But it's also the name of a fragrance, a company that sells decorative items for the home, etc.


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