Last day of Bilderberg 2018

Tuesday, 6.12.18

Although he mentions that there were only five independent journalists working the area this year, there were way too much military police state keeping guard. Maybe they expected more journalists would show up, lurking around for information.

Bilderberg members appeared more careful when approached by journalists this year because they appeared to chat less about meeting topics and information. Less information was exposed. Some members who chatted more last year were not invited this year.

They mentioned that robotics is an important topic for this Bilderberg meeting because the country that will do the best in artificial intelligence is the country that will end up dominating the world in the One World Government N.W.O. agenda. They admitted that robotics will do the jobs that people don’t want to do, which is already obvious today in society because many people are being laid off and computers are taking over telephone telemarketing and tech support, which is sometimes annoying but sometimes works for simple issues.So, I have already noticed that robotics is slowly taken over society in some way around me when I go out in public. But there is more to come. This is probably nothing compared to what they plan to do.

There are undercover police officers in the area, such as Lina, in which the indie journalists ran into her by accident.


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