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This is not real and does not exist !

In fact, the face you watching is not real but crafted with artificial intelligence. Yes with the help of AI, it is becoming easier to create images people which does not even exist that force people to believe that they are real people.

A company has created over one million faces that anyone can use for free, And most of them look fake, but there are many that make it difficult to identify them with these pictures, which stock photo companies sell on license.

The team called Icons 8 is behind this project that seeks to use these images to design a variety of things, including websites and mobile apps and their website will offer free photo to use. According to Icon 8, their plan is still in the early stages and that is why some faces are not as original.

According to the spokesperson, we aim to provide free, legal and more diverse quality images to designers and other creatives and for this purpose, the use of machine learning technology to add different effects and other elements to the faces.

Because these fake faces can be helpful to designers, but the possibility of using such software for suspicious activities in the future cannot be ruled out.

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