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There was an earthquake in Costa Rica yesterday. My seismograph saw the tremor and recorded it. That is the what and why of having scientific structures and internet of things devices in your home. To be able to interact with information that is important to you. The reality of IoT devices is the reality of information. Both the creation of (such as the Raspberry Shake) or the consumption of information. As we move down the path of what information we have available to us, it becomes an interesting question.

I have a really good friend who has a drone. He uses that drone to check his roof after storms. When the insurance company argued with him, he sent them time-stamped videos of a week before and a day after the storm. The insurance company sent an adjuster to the house and agreed with him that the storm had damaged his roof. Would they have done so as quickly without the drone footage, I don’t know. I do know that he flies over his house, and three of his neighbor’s houses now checking the roofs.

I have another friend I met through the forums for NetATMO, the home weather station. She and her husband also have a NetATMO system at their home. We started talking about weather gadgets online. She and her husband just bought a Bloomsky. I can’t wait to see the video they produce from Idaho. That is the wonder of technology, both the ability to connect and communicate but also the ability to see and record events! Knowing what is going on around you, helps!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Only those few months ago, okay… maybe a couple of years, but it seems like months. I was one of those who said of drones, “What the (expletive) use are they. They are only toys. It is a fad that will pass”.
    Thankfully I was wrong.
    Doc, you comment here on one application, but search & rescue, firefighting, crime prevention, geological surveys are a few applications drones are now used for. If this is what, even a little of the IoT can bring… bring it on.
    I am not a ‘techy’, but maybe you could enlighten us (semi) luddites further?

    • There is much to learn – I’ve been trying to post interesting new tech. It is hard sometimes to keep my focus as, well, I don’t always have the same interests every day.

      But your request is noted, and I will work on it!


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