Idiocrasy– Match the Pieces (7)

Those  born in the period beginning in 1970 would attend public school, and receive a modified education.  In most cases these people could not afford University.  They would reach maturity in the 1990s,  procreate, and their children would  receive less education than their parents.

Those born since 2000 will be the least educated, grow into better sheep, and live  in a Nineteen Eighty Four kind of world.

The removal of certain subjects from the curriculum, the slowing down and limiting information produces an uneducated population, capable of filling menial roles.

The children of wealthy parents will attend high pressure private schools, be better educated, and more likely to gain scholarships.   If not, the parents  can afford to send the child to University.

The  ‘class’ system has been reintroduced, based, as usual on money.

Of  course, there are a number  of private schools which are play pens, as having money and being intelligent are  not related.   The difference is that the poorer family has no choice.   It is public school, perhaps if  lucky, a decent one.    The rich have a number of possible venues for their child.

This is in stark contrast to the level many public schools attained in the 50s and 60s.


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