How To Protect Yourself on Facebook, (and other Social Media) [prologe]

Here is the Catch 22

You join social media, be it Facebook, a message board, a dating site, whatever, to communicate with people.

To communicate with people you have to be the kind of person they would communicate with.  To be the kind of person they would communicate with you have to have certain attributes.

Hence, to participate in this realm you have to share details about yourself which makes other people want to communicate with you.


When you reveal attributes about yourself,  such as your age,  your image,  your location,  etc. you expose yourself to every single criminal who uses that media for their own evil gain.

So how can you reveal enough about yourself to gain interest, but prevent criminals from turning you into a victim?

That is what I’m going to post in the coming articles.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar