How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) 7

Did you ever wonder how Facebook gets its money? It charges nothing to use. You can use it forever and never spend 1c.

How can it be valued in the billions? The ads no one looks at?

Facebook is a data mining site. It is a place where information is for sale. Any agency has, can, will, use Facebook to gain what it wants.

People who are selling things get to do the ‘keyword’ thing.

Here’s how it works.

Shuffler is selling wheel barrows. Anyone on Facebook who mentions wheelbarrows is going to be targeted by Shuffler.

A user is complaining about constipation. That’s a magic word to MM. Use the word, ‘constipation’ and MM instantly gets the details and targets that sufferer.

You can try it if you want; use a term, such as ‘autism’ and see what happens.

Of course it isn’t just Facebook.

Google makes millions selling searches. Anything you search for will be recorded and sold.

For example, do a search for a perfume. From there on in, that’s the Ad which will decorate every site you go to.

Google owns Adsense. Adsense posts ads…

Always be careful when you Google. You may be watching television and see some kind of weapon or hear about some sort of terrorist group, and Google that weapon or terrorist group to find out more.

This is very dangerous as it will set off Security Alerts. If you want to know about anything that is even slightly dangerous, use the DarkWeb.

At the very least, use a search platform like which doesn’t keep records or sell information.

Write it down in case you think you will forget. Nothing is Private on the Internet.


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Written by jaylar