How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) – 3

When you use an androgynous Nick Name, that is one which could be male or female anyone who wants to scam you is going to have a problem.

Firstly, by not knowing if you are a woman or a man the assumption is that you are a man.

Secondly, when you keep your location hidden or lie about it,   the assumption is America.

Thirdly,by using a disconnected image a lot of rubbish is automatically revealed, for how can anyone ‘fall in love’ with the image of coffee cup?

Yes,it might be a bit painful to lose all that stuff in your ‘real’account,  and might seem self defeating to join social media to meet other people and create a false presentation,  but it is also protection.

I can not emphasis this enough.

To put it simply, if a scammer knows you are Mary Green, who lives in Orlando, Florida,  they can do a search of Mary Green in Orlando, Florida and get a pile of information.   They may get your actual home address, the school you attend,  even the car you drive.

But if you are Greeny M from Happy Place, Earth,  the only thing that would locate you in Florida would be your I.P. address.   But then,  how would one know your sex or which one of a thousand users of that I.P. is you?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar