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Five Ways You’re Missing Out by Not Converting your Old VHS

During the 80s, 70s and even the early 90s, the VHS (Video Home System) was king. The system was immensely popular also being used as an analog video recording system for home movies. These days the VHS is pretty much obsolete with the introduction of DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and direct file sharing taking over.

However, I’m sure we all have old video cassettes boxed away. Rather than leaving them as some vintage emblem of our golden memories, why not digitise your history. The longer you wait, the less likely these precious moments can be converted as the dusty, untouched areas of the average attics and garages work to wear down your film.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, we’ve put together the five main reasons you should consider the digitisation of your old VHS tapes.


While it may feel like the VHS will sit in your home forever, the clear disadvantage of the tape is the recording will get weaker over time. With no real way to copy or sustain the original, your precious memories are at risk. If you want to protect your wedding day or your baby’s first words, it might be time to revitalise your old memories and convert your VHS to digital files.

Overall quality

If you’re looking to enhance the quality of your old VHS recordings, then conversion is a must. Allowing your old tapes to be accessed through your computer makes it a lot easier for you to remaster the early recordings adding new effects and increasing the visual or audial quality of any memories or old showings of long lost broadcasts!

Share your stories

With family and friends always moving around, it’s no longer possible to simply mail out memories for a 21st birthday or wedding. Preserve your old analog moments, but converting them to an easily shareable format! Send first steps or first birthday parties through emails or post to social media.

The ability to share the moments that matter to us is one of the most important reasons to consider digitalising your tapes. The new file can also be same repeatedly copied, edited and stored on your computer, a hard-drive or the cloud, making it accessible any time anywhere.


As mentioned above, VHS will degrade in quality with repeated use. While converting your footage to digital formats are a great way to protect from prolonged wear, they also protect from any damage or unwanted destruction. This digital, clutter-free conversion of your VHS tapes ensures your memories are 100% secure.


Unlike your old footage, the converted digital files of your data can be tailored and changed to suit your needs, without the use of expensive hardware to edit the analog film. Digital files also come with the added bonus of being non-linear. Long gone are the days of rewinding back tapes as data can be edited and played back from any point in the file.


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