Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 11

After months of speculation and release of rumoured photographs, the launch of Apple’s new trio has finally taken place. From Samsung vs Apple debate to whether the new iPhone 11 needs iPod along with it, an extensive debate is going on and people have varied comments about it.

The iPhone users are elated and finding means to purchase this innovation to update their phone. Every assignment writing service that caters to technology freaks has produced comprehensive and in-depth articles on the specifications and details of the trio months in advance. Every time Apple releases anything new in the market, it is perceived as an event and the conversation trends worldwide on all social media platforms for days.

As per the reports, below is all the information that you need to know about the new Apple releases.

iPhone 11 

This phone is similar to that of iPhone XR, and it is available for $699. It is believed that it contains somewhat same features as the previous phones in the same category. It has 4GB of Ram and an A13 chip, which is a relief. It is a 12 MP dual camera with WI-FI 6 and an option for wireless charging. It comes with an improved face sensor that allows wider range of photographs. Although it has no 3D touch, it does have a storage variant of 64/256/512GB.

iPhone 11 Pro:

Due to similar features, it lies in the same category as iPhone XS. Similar to iPhone 11, the phone offers an A-13 chip, a dual 12MP camera, WI-FI 6, an option for wireless charging, and no 3D facility.

Additionally, it comes along with OLED screen and a newly angled face ID. If you consider yourself a huge camera lover or if you find yourself interested in finding the camera specifications of this phone, then you’re in for a treat as the camera has an option for telephoto, ultra-wide, and standard. It supports an apple pencil and has battery life of 3,190 mAh. Currently, the price is settled at $999 as the phone has a frosted glass design.

iPhone 11 Pro Max:

This phone lies in the iPhone XS Max’s category of the Apple family. It is relatively more expensive as it offers more features and has an astoundingly beautiful design. However, the only feature that is not available, again, is that of the 3D element. This is a let-down for all iPhone users.  All the other specifications like that of the RAM, chip, and camera are almost the same. Although, it does have a better quality camera as opposed to the other two in the same lineage. The battery life of this phone is 3500 mAh, which is wonderful news for its users. Moreover, the price of this incredible innovation starts from $1,099.

Even though with every launch, there’s a certain section of the population that sends criticism towards the price range and offerings of Apple, the company has made it obvious that its targeted audience is comparatively privileged buyers.


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