The ever expanding world of digital projectors…

The concept of screen sharing is interesting. In part the setup and use. Samsung TV’s have a mirroring function. It works well with Samsung Tablets and Samsung phones. iPhones and iPads struggle with the initial setup. You can use the wonderful Chromecast or the Microsoft external monitor connection, both of those do a great job. But the newest upcoming releases of projects include a native mirroring application that makes the process even easier.

The screen as a service or SCRaaS is something I’ve talked about for years. The mirroring applications in several upcoming digital projectors will be game-changing. In particular, ODIN2 is a product I am extremely interested in. ODIN1, an android based portable projector is a good implementation. ODIN2 will add several features, including the screen above mirroring to the overall capabilities of the projector.

There are some other products coming with this capability. I won’t list them all.

The features you need in a projector to carry with you.

  1. Screen mirror native application
  2. SD or MicroSD slot so the projector can display your content without a computer or tablet/phone
  3. Battery so you can operate it anywhere not requiring a plug
  4. OS on board the projector so you can consume content without a computer or tablet/phone (Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix or Google YouTube Red).

By the by, small size is also critical!

The number of projectors in this space is growing rapidly. Funny, once upon a time the smaller projectors were a compromise (good enough) now, they may replace traditional projectors because they are better and offer more functionality!


What do you think?


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