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Cyber Tips – You know me? – 1

One of the most dangerous mistakes is to assume the person who sent you that email knows you.

The dumbest question you can ask;  

“If he didn’t know me, how would he have my email address?”


You joined Facebook or some site using your real email address.  Facebook has sold your email address.  Selling information is how Facebook makes money.  

That site you joined is going down, and Scammer offers to buy it or at least, the members list.  So the site, or just the list is sold to Scammer.  Scammer will write the members of the site from some other address saying something like:

“Your cheque is ready”

“You’ve been selected…”

“I am advising you of your inheritance…”


And when you answer… ZAP!!!


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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