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Cyber Tips – Free Ad Space

Imagine a writing site with no real moderation.   A site where no human eye touches your submissions before posting.

Imagine you have something to sell,  a product, a service, whatever.   You can write an ‘article’ and post it.  That ‘article’ is actually an advertisement.

This means you don’t have to pay to advertise your products or services.   You can, for free, get advertising space on a writing site!    Think of it,   absolutely free advertising.

This is another expected result when a site has no human moderation.

A.I.  might be able to pick up the obscenities and the ‘banned’ words.  But A.I. can’t tell the difference between;

“Assure Bank grants mortgages at only 7% interest”  

(posted by a guy who works for Assure Bank)  


“Standard mortgages attract 15% interest”,  

posted by average user.

It is rather surprising it has taken Advertisers so long to find writing sites with no human moderation where they can post long ads for free.


What do you think?


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  1. Imagine that you want to run your business into the ground. Then you post your advertisements for free on Virily, and get 10 views.

    Nobody in the advertising world would consider Virily a Let’s Get Busy platform.

    we don’t draw that many eyes. Smart business (ones that will be around in a year or more) want to get 2 to 3 million eyes or more on every ad.

    (what is known as the “click-through” rate is critical for advertising.

    So yes, they are not the best articles, they really aren’t true ads.

    • X posts his Ad as an Article on Virily then posts the heading with its link on many other sites. So …

      X posts;

      “MAKE 15% ON YOUR MONEY!” Click here!”

      And when you click you are taken to virily.com/technology/make-money

      You got a nice long ad.

      That’s how it works.

      • then that company is failing as advertisers. 200, 2000 views are nothing in the advertising world.

        2 million, 20 million are the numbers that advertisers look for.

        bang for the buck – advertisers don’t waste time.

        • You don’t catch it at all! A scammer posts an article on this site. It is an Ad.

          He then goes on Facebook and links to the article. People read the article, contact him to buy the product.

          He is not looking to earn from adsense or from the site, he is looking to explain to you his product.

          Make believe I was selling Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. I write a nice long article about it here. Lots big images.

          I got on every site I can doing a ‘coffee’ search. I get on the site, link my ad on Virily.

          People come over here, read it, and order the coffee.

          I don’t care about Virily, about views and clicks and comments… I care about getting a huge space, free gratis and for nothing where I can post my advertisement without a limitation on words.

          • sorry. doesn’t work that way. you link to facebook and the ad is only viewed when they open it.

            Nobody on this site routinely gets 1500 views.

            not a good advertising model. I get you don’t like the posts, but this is a backwater, an eddy on the internet. so anyone doing things here is just learning.

          • yes, click bait.

            They don’t click.

            ergo it is useless. Again there are no posts on this site that get above 1500 views in a month.

            No self-respecting advertisers would ever do that. They want millions of eyes. It is like fishing. You cast a net hoping to catch 10% of the fish you see. If you are good you get 1%.

            Advertising is the same way and wants to cast a huge net.

            Clickbait on Facebook only works if the user clicks the article to view more.

            I shared me just for fun yesterday with a picture that a bunch of my Facebook friends saw and remember. That post is trending now, because of the Facebook interaction but it is trending at less than 100 views.

            I worry about things that I can change. If someone posts something here as advertising, they are not very good at advertising.

        • The point is not to make $$ because people click on the site. The point is to have free space where one can contact possible customers.

          Imagine I was selling ganja. I have this article, I have a nice image of a spliff and I got lots of space… no word limitations…I can explain to anyone who reads the article why my ganja is the best ganja.

          I post the link on FB on TWitter on every site I can. My point is to sell ganja. I don’t want to buy a site, I don’t want to pay for an ad, I don’t want nothing to come out of my pockets.

          • ok
            but your example doesn’t work.

            its clickbait on Facebook, then here is where you make money (when they click). I am telling you no one is clicking on those Facebook ads.

            we would have 2, 3, and even 4 times the external views on the site if they were happening.

            I work with an advertising group (online advertising) all the time to help them with IT issues.

            They don’t even consider an add that will get 100 views worth their time.
            2000 views and they will still say pass.

            Sorry it just isn’t a big issue.

    • I don’t think I’ve been clear. Let us suppose you are selling wheel barrows. You make a nice long post on Virily about your wheelbarrows with a click to an order site. You get a catchy title you post a good photo.

      You post on FB and other social media and every where else you can.

      Because you got a catchy title and a clever photo, people click on it. If you can sell one wheel barrow … hey!

      If you tried to use adsense you’d pay for it and it would look like an Ad. Here you can write a long story and pay nothing. You don’t care about virils you don’t care about having 1k followers on FB you want to sell your wheel barrows.

      • you are honestly very clear. I fully understand.

        There are two assumptions you’ve made, the first is correct. People can share part of Virily post on Facebook, and readers on Facebook can click on it. Agreed.

        Now for reality, it doesn’t happen. yes, you can create your long wheelbarrow post, and share it on Facebook, but why? you Will at most gets 1500 views in 30 days.

        i can post the same post on Facebook, go directly to the e-commerce site, and get much better results.

        it isn’t a free ad because you don’t get enough traffic. So yes 1/2 of the statement is correct the other half isn’t.

        Like I said this isn’t a problem to worry about. If someone wants to spend an hour generating a wheelbarrow post I hope they are not planning on feeding their children from the tiny advertising revenue they would get from posting here on Virily.

          • But you can advertise on Facebook for 100 US dollars and sell 300 of the wheelbarrows. Ad cost 100 dollars, profit 300 times the free ad if not more.

            advertisers really don’t operate on the sell 1 model there is no profit in selling one wheelbarrow.

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