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Cyber Tips – Free Ad Space

Imagine a writing site with no real moderation.   A site where no human eye touches your submissions before posting.

Imagine you have something to sell,  a product, a service, whatever.   You can write an ‘article’ and post it.  That ‘article’ is actually an advertisement.

This means you don’t have to pay to advertise your products or services.   You can, for free, get advertising space on a writing site!    Think of it,   absolutely free advertising.

This is another expected result when a site has no human moderation.

A.I.  might be able to pick up the obscenities and the ‘banned’ words.  But A.I. can’t tell the difference between;

“Assure Bank grants mortgages at only 7% interest”  

(posted by a guy who works for Assure Bank)  


“Standard mortgages attract 15% interest”,  

posted by average user.

It is rather surprising it has taken Advertisers so long to find writing sites with no human moderation where they can post long ads for free.


What do you think?


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