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Cyber Tips – Facebook – 6

To give yourself some protection if you join Facebook, use a Nickname and some esoteric email address you never use, for example;  join Facebook as Jean Picard with an email jlpicard@yahoo.com.

If you already belong to Facebook as yourself, change the email. All the crap that now jams your email account ends.  Don’t be open on Facebook.

Don’t say what school your kids attend, what city you live in, where you work.  

Even if someone pops up claiming to be an old school friend, even giving details, they could be a scammer who has done a search of you.

Trust nothing on Facebook.

Facebook exists to make money for the owner.  By any and all means.


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  1. Very true, Jaylar. You can switch off emails from Facebook in its setting menu. The only ones I receive are to remind me of my friends’ birthdays. Facebook exists to make money for its shareholders – just like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and even little old Virily 🙂

    • Considering the mails go to junk I don’t see them. But if I mention wheelbarrows, there will be ads around my articles for…yup… wheelbarrows.

      Google was so annoyed with paying sites it sought to destroy them by marking them ‘content farms’ so that before 2010 if I wrote an article on a writing site ‘How to Wash Silk’ it would come first. After? If you searched for ‘How to Wash Silk’ you wouldn’t ever see my article.

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