Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Make – 58

One of the most evil sites on the ‘Net is Google.  

As a diversion,  it specifically selected the motto; “Do No Evil”, knowing, from start up, that is what it intended.

Google came into existance in  1998  as a ‘search engine’.   It did everything it could to replace all others.  

By  2000 it was the premier search engine, and ‘everyone’ used it. The term; “Google,”  passed into common speech.

The purpose of Google was not to make searching ‘easy’.

The purpose of Google was to make money by selling positions in searches to advertisers and anyone who would pay.

Businesses pay Google to be first or second on their front page.

Further, Google sells your searches to all sorts of data collectors.

To be coarse; using Google is giving the world the opportunity to spy on you, use you, trick you, betray you, and profit from it.

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