Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 16

On many writing sites you are paid for the views and the comments that viewers leave.   The more views, okay… but the more comments makes your article go viral!

People have logged on to see the comments, especially when they are attacks.   People like to see ‘boxing’  even when it’s words.

By ‘blocking’ users you prevent them from leaving a comment and  creating excitement.  You don’t merely stop their posts when you block them, you stop your earnings.

On a particular site I stepped on a couple of sore toes, and I was getting comment after comment as if I’d kicked over a hornet’s nest.

Now the fact is, these people were attacking me, some viciously, but, they were adding to my views, their comments were adding to my earnings.

They might be typing for free but I was reaping the coin.

If you write online, NEVER block anyone.  No matter how repugnant their views, or how they attack your ideas.  They are virtually ‘working for you’, because you are getting paid.


What do you think?


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