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I realized yesterday that there are two things I need to reconsider. The first is the reality of rolling laptop bags. I love the one we bought in Europe last year. I’ve used it since we got back. Over the years I have had some rolling computer bags. I think it might be time for me to evaluate what I need from a rolling bag. There are some features that the various rolling bags I’ve used over the years have, some I love, but no one bag has all the features I want.

The other thing I need to evaluate is the impact of a couple of devices on my network. I’ve been chasing an annoying problem on my network as far as the mix of capacity and routing. I have been thinking about potentially moving a couple of devices to a new segment because frankly, those devices are part of the problem. I am probably not a good example of what to do in the networking space, in that I am constantly testing IoT devices on my home network. Those devices I am testing are not always finished products that are polished and play nice on the network. That means they sometimes do things they wouldn’t normally do.

I am also strongly considering leaving Dish Network. It has been some years that we have been a customer. We first installed Dish in our house in 1995. We have since then moved to four other houses and have installed dish network equipment for all four houses I am worried that they and direct are just far too expensive overall. I am thinking of moving back to Cable TV, something we haven’t had in our house for more than 20 years (well not true. We had Cable for a time in Indiana. The reason for that was that the channel IU Basketball used to be on was only on Cable it was not available on Dish). I haven’t made my final decision yet, but I am thinking about it…


What do you think?

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