Belief Kills/Belief Cures – 6

The Forums on Triond were explosive, kudos all around for such a fantastic coup!.

The fact that a person calling himself ‘Ulsterman’ so anyone with Forest Gump’s I.Q, must know he doesn’t live anywhere near the U.S.A. could be the author of ‘Whitehouse Insider’, well, people are sure stupider than was believed.

The first article went viral, followed by the second, and Ulsterman and his crew were given there very own blog on Triond, where they churned out imaginary item after another, grossing them thousands of dollars.

What MN had been able to accomplish with his false report of the suicide of an actor was dwarfed by the rabid following Ulsterman gained with his ‘White House Insider’.

This encouraged a cadre of writers to post false articles, as well as a number of social scientists to pile aboard to find their Master’s Thesis.


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