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Be Aware of Phishing Attempts

If you receive emails from someone whom you do not know then it is a sure sign that such emails are bogus or fake which may also contain bad links in them and are called phishing. Bogus or fake emails are nothing but part of phishing attempts. The bad links given in such bogus emails normally invite you to click on the websites provided therein (which will also be bogus) and will ask you to furnish your personal information like name and address and credit card number.

A number of such emails may even have spyware attachments with it. Time and again identity thieves focus on identity issues. They normally send out thousands and thousands of fake emails more or less on a regular basis saying that they are representatives of certain government body or organization of repute. So you have to be aware if you receive any emails from unknown sources saying that they are from such and such organization or some other government agency.

The spyware attachment that normally comes with such fake emails is the malicious computer software that gets installed stealthily on a computer once the link given in such fake email is clicked. Once installed it intercepts or takes partial control over the user’s interaction with their computer without the user’s knowledge or permission. Such fake emails may be trying to trick any person. A good number of such fake emails are deceptive in nature.

It tells the recipients that they have a pending tax refund and are under examination.  So keep away from clicking on such links inside emails purported to have been send from government organizations. Remember the fact at all times that agencies of the Government hardly ever communicate via email, and if at all they communicate through email then it will be in response to something you have initiated.

Normally Government agencies communicate with the general public via postal correspondence only. Posts of updates are given regularly by Windows, especially security bits. Make certain that you download these security bits regularly or at least check for updates on a monthly basis.


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