Another word about "Tongue Pulling"

In a previous article I mentioned the term “Tongue Pulling” .

This is a Jamaican expression which means is that one says or posts something designed to provoke a particular response.  When the instigator gets the response desired, they now have a ‘weapon’ to use against you.

When the Instigator is good, really clever,  they can get their desire and then beat you over the head with it.    When they are not all that good or you are smarter than they are, they fail.

Failure often provokes repetition, where over and over again, in different ways, they keep trying to get you to respond according to particular parameters.

For example, on a particular site, one of the Administrators has a ‘dual’.   This means we all know this is Admin so are circumspect.

The dual, that is an account the Admin takes under a different name, does not get the automatic ‘homage’ .  

Fooled into believing that this is a user ‘just like you’, the provoked  response can lead to the responder having their ‘tongue pulled’  and making a statement which will have them barred  from the site.

When you are provoked, don’t answer.


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