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7 Things Your Website Needs to Get More Traffic

The web is full of good and bad pages. There are also hundreds that confuse us. They do not give us confidence or quickly find what we are looking for. Even if the webmasters exactly know what they want to convey it is very difficult for them to make the readers stick to the pages for a longer time.

You only have a few seconds to entice the visitor, or else he is gone forever. Grabbing the attention of your ideal customer or prospects depends on the following things:

  • Website design
  • Layout
  • Typographies
  • Colors
  • Images
  • How the texts are organized
  • Edition, grammar, spelling

Let’s figure out exactly how these things matter for your website.


The 7 essentials to get more traffic.

Use a secure hosting platform

It is key to have a reliable and secure hosting company that keeps the bad guys (hackers!) out of your site and server. If your site is weak due to hosting, it is very likely that you will experience downtimes or crashes very often and your users will see a 404-error message. Getting a budget dedicated hosting for your website can be the best ever deal in terms of security and performance.

Some of the things you need to verify:

  • Whether the control panel of the hosting company is user-friendly or not
  • Is it easy to upload files?
  • The server safety and security
  • Does it provide you with enough space for your needs?
  • What other features (software, firewalls, DDOS protection etc.) does it offer?
  • What do others say about this company, how are the reviews?

Clarity of intention

Try to think of whether your homepage makes it easy to understand who you are. Does it define your company? Review your Unique selling proposition and refine it if necessary.

Make sure navigation is easy 

Make it easy for the visitors to navigate your website. Think of how you can make it easy for them to find pages and specific posts. Place the most important pages on the top so that they can be found easily. You can add drop down menus to give more information from one of your important pages.

Make it easy for the reader to find you

Contact data is one of the most taken for granted. If you assume that putting a form, is more than enough, you may never call the potential customer who still doubts. Your customers do not have time to search on each page and they are frustrated that they do not find such simple information. Give him several contact options: through the form, email, telephone, Skype, etc. and place that visible information on each page of the site.

Clean design tells your story

Your website has a story to tell. If the information is redundant, you will discourage instead of persuading. Each page has a purpose. If the content in it does not meet the purpose, delete it. Stay focused on the message you want to give to the world. Having so many links to other websites, and social network icons in prominent places will make your visitors leave the page. Less is more, keep it simple.

Credibility: tell the reader something they want to hear

People like to hear stories from real people. Client testimonials help you build credibility. They will tell the world the things you have not said, but that is how your customers feel. More testimonials give social proof and that ultimately gives you more sales. To obtain testimonials for your web page interact with your existing customers to get their feedback about your products and services.

To enhance the power of sale of your testimonials, scatter them everywhere in your sales copy:

  • On your home page
  • On About page
  • On your products and services pages
  • In the extra column of the blog
  • In your emails
  • On LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Interesting and useful content on the blog

Your business needs to constantly have new and relevant content, for those who look for what you offer, and who read the appropriate information. Your blog answers the questions of your ideal client. Its mission is to educate to inspire and seduce in such a way that they feel the need to read and share it. Whether in the form of articles, videos, presentations, podcasts, webinars, create content aimed at your customers and prospects, not for your competition.


When you have a crystal-clear design, intentions, and presentation of your business clients will readily find you. When they come across your website they will stick to it and explore it. This will increase the chances of them buying your products and services. It is all about intention and presentation.

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