5 Benefits of Wireless Charging

If you never pay attention to tech like most of us do, the concept of charging your phone without a cable seems like sheer magic. It can be used with a new phone that supports wireless charging, or you can add it your phone using an adapter.

How wireless charging Works

It is pretty straightforward by creating electromagnetic fields from the charging pad to induce an electric current in your smartphone’s receiver. This is usually a coil in the back of the phone. That is why it is placed face up on the charging mat.

Benefits of Wireless Charging 

  • Prevents Wear in Charging ports

With a wireless charge pad, you never have to touch the lightning or micro USB port that comes with your phone. Since it won’t constantly be plugging in and out of the cable, it will not wear and require changing or buying a new charger.

With new smartphone models that are entirely wireless, it is now possible to fully waterproof the phone since the charging port with cable phones makes it hard to seal your phone hermetically. Waterproofing reduces the general wear of the phone thus giving it a longer lifespan.

  • It is Easy and Safe to Use 

One constant worry of plugging into a foreign charger is the risk of losing data through malware that could exist in the cable. This occurrence is common in public places where everyone has access to an Android or iPhone cable in a restaurant or coffee shop.

  • Universal Charging Standard 

Modern batteries have shorter running times thanks to the capability of supporting thousands of applications and having 24/7 Wi-Fi access. The Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) wireless charging standard has made it possible for all types of phones to support wireless charging instead of having a special charger for every phone.

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, it will take only one pad to charge all your devices. You can have one large pad that charges all devices at the same time like the AirPower which can be used with iPhones, Apple watches, and Apple earbuds.

  • Readily Available 

Say goodbye to carrying extra batteries and chargers in restaurants. It is a new feature that you can expect to see since charging pads can be integrated into coffee tables, furniture seats, in your car, at the airport, in conference rooms, etc. You can forget your cable charger and still have a means of juicing up your phone especially when you forget to recharge or are dealing with an emergency.

  • A Clutter-Free Home 

When all your devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, fitness trackers, and watches have charging cables, your house will have tangled and messy cords. It is a hassle since you will have broken and loose cables that need replacing now and then. But wireless chargers have made it possible to have all devices juiced up using one pad.

Your kitchen counter or workstation will appear neater if all the wires disappear.


Simply placing your device on a charging pad is probably one of the best things that happened to modern society. It is an increasingly popular technology whose possibilities will continue to expand into the future. We look forward to seeing more devices integrate this technology for a clutter-free environment.


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Written by Daniel Samson

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