Training for a 5k or 10k ………(Part two)

Following on from my last post, I have continued training for 5k runs with the intention of building up to a 10k run in the summer (July). My programme has stayed pretty much constant which is running on a treadmill two or three times each week with an additional outdoor run at weekends: distance wise I have been varying between 3k and 6k depending on time available and my energy levels on the day.

Researching hints and tips online has been useful, especially ones relating to proper breathing techniques (which I struggle with from time to time), running form, the mental aspects of running and ways to combat the occasions where your mind is telling you to stop because of this or because of that.  I have read several informative articles which suggest ways to “distract” or “trick” your mind into thinking about something else e.g. breaking a long run down to smaller chunks, counting your steps or breaths and so on.

I am relieved to say that my first 5k run has been completed, this was back in April and was a truly enjoyable experience albeit quite nerve racking.  The few days prior to the event were particularly difficult as I experienced a mixture of apprehension, nerves and enthusiasm all rolled in to one, this increased the closer I got to the actual race, but all went well and afterwards the first thing on my mind was booking the next one!

It has not all been plain sailing and it is important to understand that injuries, niggles, general aches and pains will occur along the way but it’s all part of training, getting stronger and the activity of running. In my training over the last few weeks there have been times where I have experienced cramps, muscle soreness, slight pulls/strains and painful blisters, which is to be expected. If you encounter similar issues, just take time to rest, have a massage, stretch and most importantly “listen” to your body and react appropriately e.g. take a day or two away from training until you feel ready to start again.

So what’s next……well another 5k is rapidly approaching, after which, it may be a case of a few days rest before resuming training for the next one, but that’s still to be decided J

From my last blog

“If you are starting to think about springtime, sunnier warmer days and getting out and about more, then running may be your answer, it’s a great way to get and stay fit, gives you the opportunity to switch off from everyday life for a while, and enjoy some time outdoors, so why not give it a try”


What do you think?

Written by total_reps