The workout: New Balance x SPORT 2000 Marathon Challenge

  1. ‘Pug Life’ shirt by SLU
  2. Waterproof Sports Runner Fanny Pack
  3. Dri-Fit shorts by Nike
  4. Skech-knit shoes by Skechers

A shooting in my neighborhood prevented the desire to go for a run after work yesterday, so today I had to do a little extra in order to keep up on my challenges. I was in the mood to run on the trails today since I had the day off. I considered running 10 kilometers (6.20 miles), but once I made it out to the Des Plaines River trail I settled for running 4 miles. With the expectation of dog walkers I had most of the trail to myself. It is always a blast because not only do I love taking pictures of nature, but I love taking pictures of myself, too, hehe.

I felt very good during this run, the weather was perfect and my serving of AltRed Betalains kicked in as soon as I hit the trail. I am seriously considering ordering a cheaper version of AltRed Betalains because I felt very good. In the very near future I will be looking to purchase Beet Root because I just cannot afford AltRed Betalains product.

What does AltRed Betalains do: Improves oxygen delivery, raises your lactic acid threshold, and reduces exercise-induced muscle damage.I seriously do not think trail running shoes have an expiration date unless you run on a rugged enough terrain that will rip and tear at the design of the shoe. I say this because I have had the same trail running shoes for well over a decade, but I honestly was not running on the trails regularly back then as I am now living in Chicago.  I am considering going back out for a run walk in order to hit the halfway point for the August Running Challenge. Still on the fence about dropping it and going after it again next month with no other challenges going on. Everything else looks good! I do love my current mileage for Alzheimer’s Society – Run for Dementia 50 mile. I am currently sitting at 30 out of 50 miles which is a very doable mileage that coincides with my work schedule. Oh, and I did gain a new badge with this run! It is the New Balance x SPORT 2000 Marathon Challenge strava badge. I hope everyone is having a great day wherever you are. 

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