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A real sports hero who saves the life of a rival swimmer in Michigan

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This is one amazing sports story that should will restore your faith in humanity from Michigan. During a swim meet on Thursday evening Corunna High School swimmer Xavier Staubs is being called a hero for his actions to assist Owosso High School swimmer Kamrin Samson who for some strange reason during a swimming race lost consciousness and his limp body started to drop to the bottom of the pool.

Staubs who had finished his first swim of the meet between the two rival high schools that are located in Shiawassee County in Michigan with the assistance of fellow swimmer Grant Weaver who is a certified lifeguard went to the assistance of Kamrin who was on the verge of losing his life during a swim meet.

The cause of Samson passing out during the swimming competition was that he had water in his lungs from holding his breath for too long during the swimming portion of the race. Samson was taken to a local hospital after he was revived by the medical personnel at the swim meet. Samson was released from the hospital later that evening after he was given a clean bill of health by the doctors in the hospital.

Thanks to the actions of Staubs and Weaver, Samson made a full recovery from his near death experience on Thursday in Michigan.

The actions of Staubs and Weaver, Staubs has received praise from the teachers and students at Corunna High School which Staubs has deserved his heroic actions of helping a rival swimmer from drowning at a swim meet.

Even though the sports media makes a big deal about sports rivalries in the college and professional level, it shows that even high school students know that sports is only a game.

My salute to Xavier Staubs for being humble despite his actions of being a hero saving the life of Kamrin Samson instead of taking the attitude of “What is in it for me?” or “I am looking out for number one. Namely me.”

If only the sports media would learn that there are more important life lessons that having so many championships on your trophy case or medals from competing in Olympic and World Championships to say “I am the best ever.”.


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