Monsanto sued again

Monsanto being sued nowadays feels like clockwork.  Another day, another lawsuit filed against Monsanto.  On Monday, relatives of a former lawn care technician who died from using the herbicide RoundUp in 2013 sued the place where he worked at, Monsanto, and Bayer in a court in Los Angeles.

Halaevalu Tuuholoaki was a groundskeeper at Inglewood Unified from 1989 until his unfortunate passing in 2013 from cancer.  The company that he worked for demanded that he used RoundUp whenever he worked in order to maintain the lawns.  

However, the company was made aware of the damaging effects that RoundUp causes back in 2007.  Instead of switching to a different herbicide, the company continued to allow Tuuholoaki to use RoundUp knowing that the product would eventually kill him.  That is some cold-hearted stuff right there.  They wanted to make sure that they would not have to pay him a pension by having him use RoundUp all of the time.

Monsanto and Bayer are also involved in the lawsuit because Monsanto still claims that RoundUp is not harmful even though they place warning labels on the RoundUp products they sell in the United Kingdom that say that the herbicide is harmful.  However, those same warning labels are not placed on the same RoundUp products within the USA.  Bayer bought Monsanto in 2018, so they are now liable as well for buying a company that knowingly poisons people with no regard for human life.

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