Minsk defeats Dinamo Minsk 3-2


In the quest to find some sports around the world, the Belarus Premier League is in its second week of the soccer season.  Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko does not care what anyone else thinks.  He is making sure the games are played every week with fans in the stands.  

He does not care if everyone in his country catches the coronavirus.  He believes that Covid-19 will not touch anyone from Belarus if they drink vodka every day, if they consistently go to saunas, and if they continue to do farm work.  Nevertheless, the games go on.

In this Minsk derby, FC Minsk defeated Dinamo Minsk 3-2 at the Stadion FK Minsk.  This match was a tale of two halves.  FC Minsk scored all three of their goals in the first half, while Dinamo Minsk scored both of their goals in the second half.  As of today, FC Minsk is the surprise team in first place.


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    • It’s the only one in the world now. Last week, Mexico was playing too, but the President of Liga MX caught the coronavirus. Then, it was shut down. BATE Borisov made the Champions League Group Stage a few years ago.

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