Belarus Premier League Week 5 Thursday matches

The Belarus Premier League is back for Week 5.  While other countries are figuring out how to start sports back up again, Belarus will have completed one-sixth of their season over this weekend.  Week 5 kicks off today with a doubleheader.

The first match will be Energetyk-BGU (FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk) at home against Gorodeya.  Energetyk will be looking to bounce back from their first loss of the season, while Gorodeya is on a two-game winning streak.  This Minsk derby is an important game because a tie or a win puts Energetyk in first place, while a win for Gorodeya will put them in a tie for first place.

The second match will be between FC Dinamo Minsk against FC Neman Grodno.  This game will also be in Minsk.  Dinamo Minsk now sits at 14th place in the 16-team league, but a victory over Neman Grodno will allow for Dinamo Minsk to jump Grodno in the standings.  Pride is on the line in both matches.  Now, your pride is on the line.  Pick a couple of winners in the poll below or remain a chicken for your entire life.

  • Question of

    Energetyk-BGU or Gorodeya?

    • 1Energetyk-BGU
    • 2Gorodeya
  • Question of

    Dinamo Minsk or Neman Grodno?

    • 1Dinamo Minsk
    • 2Neman Grodno


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