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FIFA: Why Qatar?

When Qatar was awarded the opportunity to host the World Cup in 2022, many people thought that the tiny country would be the right place for this competition to make its first foray into the Middle East.  With the amount of money the country amasses due to their vast resources of oil, the logical idea was that these stadiums would easily be built when Qatar received the bid in 2010.

As of now, only three of the proposed twelve stadiums have been erected:  the Khalifa International Stadium, the Al-Gharafa Stadium, and the Al-Rayyan Stadium.  However, all three of those stadiums have to be expanded in order to be able to facilitate the thousands of people that plan to attend this major event. All of the stadiums will have cooling systems installed because temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).  The temperature is so hot during the summer that this World Cup would be moved to November and December of 2022.

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The real reason as to why the stadiums have not been completed as of yet is to due to the mistreatment of migrant workers by the Qatari people.  Qatar has tricked people from countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and India to come to Qatar in order to make a fair living wage.  Instead, the Qatari people force these migrant workers to work in extreme heat 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

In this video from RT, German journalists were detained in Qatar way back in 2013 when they revealed the mistreatment of workers.  The Qataris would not pay the people and would keep their passports in order to ensure that they worked each and every day in the extreme heat.  Nobody knows the exact amount of workers that have died since 2010, but the estimated amount is around 4,000 people.

Due to the movement of the World Cup from the summer and due to innocent workers dying at a rate of one per day, I have started a new petition to have the World Cup moved to another country.  I only need four more signatures so that this petition will be promoted by  Lives are on the line at this point.  I do not want any upvotes or comments on this post.  I want signatures on that petition.  Dare to prove me wrong.

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