Breaststroke Pullout

Today, I’m going to be looking at the Breaststroke pullout which can be used at the start of the race and coming off each turn. Back in olden times, the breaststroke pullout consisted of a full body pull, one breaststroke kick, and your head needed to break the surface prior to your hands passing the widest part of your second pull. Glide one thousand, pull one thousand, kick to the top.

As we’ll soon see, a dolphin kick is now allowed but not required. I like to incorporate the dolphin motion with the pull. However, you can add a single dolphin kick at any time prior to the first breaststroke kick. In this example, I add the dolphin kick after the pull, but this is still a legal pullout. Here, I do one dolphin, two dolphins. This would be a disqualification. Watch again. This first dolphin kick is fine. However, once the second occurs, this becomes a disqualification.

Check out the video for more examples of legal and illegal pullouts.


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